Hydraulic High Precision Leveling Machine for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Get precise and efficient sheet metal laser cutting with our Hydraulic High Precision Leveling Machine. As a factory, we deliver top-quality solutions for your manufacturing needs.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Automatic Grade
Relieving of Internal Stress
ISO9001, CE
12 Months
Roll Diameter
Nominal Width
Rated Thickness
Shortest Part
Number of Rolls
Thin Plate,Thick Plate,Laser Blanking
High Leveling Accuracy,Hydraulic Compensation
Transport Package
Wooden Box
HS Code
Production Capacity
500 Set/Year

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
300.00cm * 210.00cm * 205.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

Product Description

Mahatma Hydraulic precision leveler uses hydraulic system and NUMERICAL control operation system which are imported German,the strong hydraulic pressure makes  the clearance between the upper and lower correction rollers(Mechanical death limit)always remains unchanged,the overall deformation of machine to reduce the minimum,to ensure that the correction effect of large numbers of parts is always consistent.

Parallel roller,hydraulic locking,intensive support and other technologies to meet the requirements of high precision plane parts leveling.

the main machine structure adopts the upper and lower two girders,four corners of the layout of four column pull rod hydraulic machine structure!electronic speed up and down rollers synchronization,overload automatic stop function!two beam four-column type left side drive,the right side of the equipment is open,convenient roll change and cleaning,through the upper beam four hydraulic column pull rod lock between the upper and lower leveling roller group of the inlet and outlet roll gap,regardless of whether there are sheet metal parts throught the machine,keep the inlet and outlet roll gap is always unchanged.

 Compact design,small footprint,generally do not need to do foundation digging pit.High processing accuracy,the machine is very quiet when working,the leveling range is wide,the leveling accuracy is far more than the mechanical industry standard,the same quality to imported leveling equipment!low cost abd fast response.the flatness of components can be collected and monitored directly,quickly and accurately,with an accuracy up to micron.
Hydraulic High Precision Leveling Machine for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting MachineHydraulic High Precision Leveling Machine for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine


Product Parameters
Model  Parameters
Machine Model MHTY30 MHTY40 MHTY50 MHTY60 MHTY80
Roller Diameter 30mm 40mm 50mm 60mm 80mm
Roller Number 23 23 23 21 19
Nominal Width 400mm-2100mm 400mm-2100mm 400mm-2100mm 400mm-2100mm 400mm-2100mm
Rated Thickness 0.5mm-3.0mm 0.6mm-4.0mm 0.8mm-5.0mm 1.0mm-8.0mm 2.0mm-10.0mm
Maximum Thickness 5.0mm 8.0mm 10.0mm 15.0mm 20.0mm
Shortest Workpiece 60mm 70mm 90mm 100mm 130mm
Applicable Object Thin plate,thick plate, laser cutting, machined parts etc
Technical Features High Leveling accuracy,Hydraulic compension,anti-collapse anglet
Model MHTY120 MHTY150 MHTY200 MHTY250 MHTY300
Roll diameter 120 150 200 250 300
Width 400-2100 400-2100 600-2100 600-2600 600-2600
Rated thickness 4.0-20.0mm 6.0-30.0mm 8.0-40.0mm 10.0-50.0mm 12.0-60.0mm
Maximum thickness 30.0mm 36.0mm 48.0mm 60.0mm 80.0mm
Number of rolls 19 19 15 15 15
Shortest part 190mm 240mm 310mm 390mm 480mm
Suitable Thick plate,super thick plate,laer cutting,machined parts
Technical features High Leveling accuracy,hydraulic compensation,anti-collapse anglet

Hydraulic High Precision Leveling Machine for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Hydraulic leveling machine equipment function

The hydraulic leveler is the first choice for leveling equipment in the processing industries such as vehicle manufacturing, locomotive manufacturing, construction industry, medical technology industry, chassis manufacturing, metal processing, sheet metal processing, saw blades, high-strength steel plates, laser cutting, etc. It plays a vital role in the verticality, parallelism, appearance and precision of industrial structural parts!

 Compared with other leveling methods, the control system of this machine has the functions of storing, calling, and editing process and equipment parameters, and has the function of misoperation identification and early warning. When in use, on the operating table, the inlet and outlet reductions can be set according to the parameters such as plate thickness and width or the existing parameters in the database, so as to realize the electric adjustment of the work roll exit and entry gaps, and can be manually adjusted and corrected. Control system: This machine adopts Siemens PLC controller, and the running speed is controlled by Siemens frequency converter. All the actions of the machine are centrally controlled by the console. The touch-type man-machine interface display screen and the operation panel are easy to understand. Install the emergency switch in a conspicuous position to ensure safe operation! It is also equipped with a digital display to display the displacement, and the operation is very simple and fast. Levels high-precision, intricate hardware that typically takes hours to level by hand in seconds

Under the condition of large elastic-plastic bending of metal materials, no matter how different the original bending degree is, the hydraulic precision leveler uses the "Bauschinger effect" of the material to repeatedly bend the plate, gradually reducing the bending deflection, so that A variety of original curvatures are gradually changed into a single curvature, and finally leveled to achieve the leveling accuracy required by the process.

   Hydraulic leveling machine has been widely used in industry. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, high leveling precision, wide process range, high degree of automation, reliable and stable work under high strength, etc. During the roll leveling process, the metal plate passes through a series of Alternate bending, precise control of the pressing amount of each leveling roller through oil cylinder and PLC control, eliminate internal stress, and fundamentally solve the problem of unsatisfactory leveling effect caused by different stresses in various parts of the plate. Thus, high-precision leveling is achieved. The hydraulic structure with good rigidity minimizes the overall deformation of the machine during operation and facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Hydraulic High Precision Leveling Machine for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Hydraulic High Precision Leveling Machine for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine


Hydraulic High Precision Leveling Machine for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine


Hydraulic High Precision Leveling Machine for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine


Q1:Wonder if you accept small orders?
A1:Do not worry.Feel free to contact us .In order to get more orders and give our clients more convener ,we accept small order.

Q2:Can you send the products to my country ?
A2:Sure,we can .If you do not have your own ship forwarder,we can help you .

Q3:Can you do OEM for me ?
A3:We accept all OEM orders ,just contact us and give me your design .We will offer you a reasonable price and make samples for you ASAP.

Q4:What 's your payment terms ?
A4: By T/T . 30% deposit in advance ,balance 70% before shipment .

Q5:How can I place the order?
A5: First sign the PI,pay deposit ,then we will arrange the production .After finished production need you pay balance .Finally we will ship the goods .

Q6:When can I get the quotation ?
A6:We usually quote you within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.If you are very urgent to get the quotation ,please call us or tell us in your mail .So that we could regard your inquiry priority .

After Sales Service
Pre-sale Service:
According to customer needs, from the customer's point to provide customers with accurate technical parameters of the leveler, customize products for customers, answer all the questions raised by customers; From the technical feasibility point, to assist customers to do a good job in engineering planning and system requirements analysis, so that our products can maximize to meet the needs of users. At the same time to provide free proofing, and we have the sample leveling base for customers to visit the site. So that customers more directly
to make accurate business decisions, open up new markets.

On-the-job Training:
After the signing of the sales contract, according to the specific requirements of the customer, our company will provide consumers with free debugging and on-site training after debugging. Finally let the customer responsible for the leveler equipment related technical personnel, fully master the technical characteristics of our company leveler equipment, operating procedures, maintenance of common sense, our trainer can be evacuated.
After-sale Service:
1. Organize the personnel to install and debug the products and train the user operators within the specified time as required by the sales contract.
2. According to the requirements of the contract and technical agreement, we will repair or replace the corresponding spare parts for users free of charge for all kinds of faults or parts damage caused by the quality problems such as product manufacturing, assembly and materials during the warranty period.
3. Regularly organize personnel to visit key sales areas and key customers, understand the use of products, and solicit users' opinions on product design, assembly, process, etc.
4.Ensure that the products provided to customers are brand-new products of the original factory; And for products, the warranty period is one year; During the warranty period, if the supplier's products have non-human mechanical failure and natural damage under normal use, our company shall be responsible for free maintenance or replacement; If the customer's fault is caused by improper human warranty and force majeure, the cost shall be charged; During the warranty period, if there is a fault in the equipment, our company will first communicate by telephone after receiving the customer's notice. If the problem cannot be solved by telephone communication, we will send someone to the site to eliminate the fault within 48 hours.
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Hydraulic High Precision Leveling Machine for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

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