4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine

Introducing our 4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine. As a factory, we provide top-quality, precision machinery for all your rolling needs.
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Basic Info.

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Product Description

Product Description

W12NC 4-roller plate rolling machine/plate bending machine

The machine adopts the four-roller structure with the upper roller as the main drive.
The equipment has the function of pre-bending the end of the plate. The metal sheet can be loaded at one time, and the plate end pre-bending and the roll forming of the workpiece can be completed without turning.
The upper working roller of this machine is the main driving roller. The lower roller and both sides of the roller adopt hydraulic transmission. The lifting displacement is controlled by the computer, automatic leveling, screen display, and the tilting and resetting of the turning bearing body to adopt hydraulic transmission. The tail of the upper roller Equipped with a balance mechanism to facilitate the unloading of the rolled workpiece and cylinder. Equipped with a mobile independent operating table, which can be moved and operated at any time, and the machine is equipped with a safety interlock device. The machine has a high technical level, complete functions, high precision, and easy operation. It is the most ideal model for rolling round, arc, and conical workpieces in industries such as energy, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, boilers, shipbuilding, hydropower, and metal structures.

Technical Parameter:
Model The thickness of the sheet(mm) Max pre-bending thickness(mm) Width of the sheet(mm) Yield strength of the sheet(Mpa) The diameter of the upper roller(mm) Main motor(KW)
W12-4*1500 1-4 3 1500 245 140 3
W12-4*2000 1-4 3 2000 245 160 4
W12-6*2000 1-6 5 2000 245 170 4
W12-6*2500 1-6 5 2500 245 190 5.5
W12-8*1500 1-8 6 1500 245 190 5.5
W12-8*2500 2-8 6 2500 245 220 7.5
W12-12*2000 3-12 10 2000 245 240 7.5
W12-12*2500 3-12 10 2500 245 260 11
W12-16*2000 3-16 12 2000 245 260 11
W12-16*2500 3-16 12 2500 245 280 11
W12-16*3000 3-16 12 3000 245 340 15
W12-20*2000 3-20 16 2000 245 280 11
W12-20*2500 3-20 16 2500 245 340 15
W12-25*2000 4-25 20 2000 245 340 15
W12-25*2500 4-25 20 2500 245 380 22
W12-25*3100 4-25 20 3100 245 420 30
W12-30*3000 4-30 25 3000 245 1300 37
W12-40*3000 4-40 32 3000 245 1300 45
W12-50*3000 4-50 40 3000 245 1800 55
W12-60*3000 4-60 50 3000 245 2000 55

Working principle:
4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine

                                                 Quality assurance measure
Quality assurance system

Company in order to achieve customer satisfaction, to ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined, as "strict management, sophisticated, high-quality service and customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, sustainable development" to the quality policy. Realization of a product from the design, control and manufacturing process control, inspection and control until the equipment leave factory, installation, service throughout the entire process of the control. Quality system strictly implement the "quality manual" or "program files" and "job files" and a variety of technical standards, management standards, enterprise custom standards and regulations. The product quality really full, the entire process control.

Quality testing

Company laboratory analysis of chemical elements with conventional equipment, WE-300 hydraulic universal testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, XCTY-12 CT-1000 magnetic particle testing machine, automatic microprocessor-based carbon HV-4B Analyzer, HB-2H high-speed automatic ignition oven, WS2-226-77-heating Distiller, 722 Visible Spectrophotometers, TG-3288 analytical balance, as well as a variety of specialized measuring tools, universal measuring and large gauge, etc.

Important outsourcing quality assurance program

a. Native important outsourcing: upper roller, lower roller, support roller stock, master cylinder, bearings, hydraulic components, motor, reducer, bearings, etc.;

b,Select after evaluation of qualified suppliers as incoming channels;

c,According to the plan, purchase contract, quality requirements, technical standards, acceptance criteria, such as procurement;

d,From the company's quality control department at the supplier site, or at the supplying party scene, our company site acceptance verification before release into production.

Provide testimony of information

1,Top, bottom, and supporting roller available: chemical composition, mechanical properties, heat treatment, ultrasonic flaw detection, machining precision and hardness report;

2,Structural sheet material available: sheet material, relieve stress and processing reports;

3,Certificate of motor, bearings, seals, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, electric devices, etc.

Major parts of the manufacturing process

1,Working rollers: cast steel ingot (chemical composition analysis): check performance-forging roughcast - forging annealing-UT flaw - roughing (mechanical tests)-heat treatment (hardening and tempering) - UT flaw - semi finishing - finishing - MT

2,Large forgings: cylinder body, gear, gear shaft

forging roughcast - surface inspection - roughing - UT flaw - UT flaw detector heat treatment -  finishing semi--finishing - MT

3,welding structure: racks, chasis, wheel box

Plate into the factory (chemical composition analysis, mechanical properties test) - pretreatment - for sheet metal cutting-welding-seam UT or RT flaw - annealing treatment - roughing-finishing- vibration destressing-finishing
Note: the above each process in the check for the next procedure. 

Sales team:
Application Consulting: Our consultants understand the application of bending and shearing technology. We are always ready to provide you with information about products, prices, technology, industry solutions, etc., and share our valuable knowledge to help you develop optimized solutions.
Inspection reception: You can make an appointment to visit the exhibition hall and visit the company on-site inspection. We will provide you with a professional receptionist.
Service after sale:
At the same time, we also attach great importance to services, the company's service mechanism: customer return visits, continuous improvement, rapid response, efficient and accurate, to ensure stable and efficient operation of products, to a large extent to help customers improve economic efficiency. The advanced nature of technology is the guarantee of product quality, and the company will have completely independent intellectual property rights.
One and half year of free warranty and lifetime maintenance for the equipment for your purchased equipment. During the warranty period, only due to design defects, manufacturing quality, and quality of purchased parts, our company is responsible for free maintenance. The company provides the required replacement parts (except for consumable parts). Over the warranty period, repairs only are charged at the cost price. At the same time, you will enjoy a lifetime software upgrade from the date of purchase; our engineers will provide a quick response when service is required.
Preventive maintenance:
Depending on your needs, we can perform a regular preventive overhaul on your machine or repair it when you need it. Regularly adjust and calibrate the guaranteed performance of the machine. Some potential problems can also be resolved before they break out to avoid affecting production efficiency.
Service outlets:
We have established a comprehensive marketing network in China and the international marketing network is constantly evolving. You can check out our service network on our official website. After-sales service response time is 24 hours. You can call a service call or send an email. The after-sales engineer will give a clear response within 24 hours or confirm whether it is necessary to go to the equipment site.
Online service:  
We have established a variety of online service channels, you can contact us through customer service phone, customer service email, website online, website message, and other channels to get the services you need.
Spare parts: 
To use original spare parts and consumables can optimize machine productivity. We can guarantee that there are enough spare parts and guarantee a preferential price and fundamentally to control the quality of the repair.
It is our commitment to fix all problems as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention. If you have any questions about our support policies please contact us.


4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine 4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine 4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine 4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine 4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine 4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine 4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine 4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine 4 Roller CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine, Roller Bending Machine

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